Life At The Green House® Cottages of Northwest Arkansas

Life At The Green House® Cottages of Northwest Arkansas

The Green House® Cottage concept was developed in 2001 with a mission to provide eldercare based on the belief that everyone has the right to age without sacrificing the joys of life. Through non-institutional eldercare environments, this game-changing model destigmatizes aging, humanizes care, and empowers the lives of elders and the Green House Cottage professionals who serve them.

Connection & Choice

In-person friendships form and grow among elders at Green House Cottages of Northwest Arkansas. And we encourage friends and family to visit often and stay as long as they’d like. Technology, which is at every elder’s fingertips, is another way to connect, keeping far away friendships strong and minds sharp. 

When it comes to daily routine or special plans, we are serious about our elders’ freedom of choice:

  • They voice likes, dislikes, wants, and desires – and they are heard.
  • They freely move about the property, including beautiful outdoor areas.
  • They choose when to wake up and start their day.
  • They choose when and what to eat.
    • Meals are made-to-order by a professional chef
    • Meals are nutrient-dense and delicious
    • Option to enjoy meals with others, family style
    • Option to participate in cooking and other kitchen activities

All the Comforts of Home

When you walk through one of our cottages, you’ll feel like you’re in someone’s home. Indeed, you are. You’ll see comfortable common areas for social visits, sharing meals, and swapping stories. You may even hear laughter and the exchange of pleasantries. Birthdays, holidays, and other special occasions are celebrated big here, and you can feel the loving energy of friendship within our walls. 

What you won’t see: 

  • Intrusive signs posted on the walls
  • Elders in restraints
  • Mandatory activity schedule 

What you won’t hear: 

  • Alarms
  • Buzzers
  • Clanging carts
  • Interrupting loudspeakers  

When you take away forced fun and artificial activity schedules, elders can enjoy a rhythmic, comfortable, natural flow of daily life, where they get to choose the activities they’re attracted to. Sometimes those activities look like cherished catch-up time with visiting family, friends, and even pets. Other times, it may look like a day at the spa or hair salon, conveniently located inside each cottage. 

Results & Rave Reviews

  • Lower Rates of Depression
  • Lower Levels of Helplessness
  • Families report extreme satisfaction with loved ones’ lifestyle and quality of care

“What we need is a radical reinterpretation of longevity that makes elders and their needs central to our collective pursuit of happiness and well-being.” - Dr. Bill Thomas, Founder The Green House® Project

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